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Jianghong Min

Former Research Assistant
  • Sculpting Evolution

Jianghong "John" Min is a PhD candidate studying jointly with Kevin Esvelt in the Sculpting Evolution group at the MIT Media Lab and with George Church at the Harvard Medical School. Currently, he is developing in vivo systems to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of daisy-chain gene drive systems to control gene drives at a molecular level. In addition, he is applying his expertise in genome editing to investigate the extreme tolerance of tardigrades. Prior to studying at Harvard, Min worked on techniques using DNA as a construction material in DNA nanotechnology. Working with William Shih at Harvard, he made contributions to using DNA folded nanotubes aligned as a liquid crystal for NMR-based protein structure determination, as well as DNA-based scaffolds for single molecule studies. In this era of rapid advancements in DNA and genetic technologies, Min is interested in increasing public engagement, discussion, and safety in this area of science in order to maximize its benefits to the world.