Past Member

Joshua Smith

Former Research Assistant, Physics & Media

MS 1995; PhD 1999
Professor, Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

After graduation, Joshua spent five years (1999–2004) running his own research lab at a small Kendall square company.  Then he moved to Seattle to be a researcher at Intel Labs Seattle from 2004–2010.  He joined the faculty of University of Washington in 2010.  Josh's group at UW is called the Sensor Systems Lab.  They work on wireless power, energy harvesting, low power communication, and new sensing techniques, with applications in ubiquitous computing, robotics, and implanted medical devices.

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

The company I joined after graduation contacted me about my research.  So the research itself, the ML name, and the visibility of the research all helped. Learning how to explain and demo research to non-researchers was very valuable.

If you want to be connected to academia and the research community, make sure to publish papers and find out how the rest of the research world (outside the ML) works.