Past Member

Miles Lifson

Former Research Assistant
  • Space Enabled

Miles Lifson is a research assistant for the Space Enabled research group and a master's student in the Technology and Policy Program at MIT. He is interested in space systems and research questions that involve both technical and policy considerations. He supports Space Enabled’s work on satellite engineering and complex systems modeling.

Prior to coming to MIT, he spent several years in the Washington, DC space-policy community, including with the Aerospace Industries Association, the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council, and Congresswoman Donna Edwards.

He holds a BA in physics and government from Claremont McKenna College. While at Claremont McKenna, he focused his coursework around science and technology policy, with an emphasis on space policy. His undergraduate thesis analyzed the history of American decision-making concerning the production of plutonium-238, a radioisotope used as a power source for space systems.