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Michael Lapinski

Former Alumnus, Responsive Environments
  • Responsive Environments

 PhD 2013
Co-Founder & CTO

Prior to MIT, Michael earned a  B.S. & M.S. in computer science from RPI.  He worked at IBM Research and GE Global Research building the fundamentals of large scale distributed systems & modern SaaS platforms. He was also the Chief Architect of FIPER, which was spun out in 2004 and acquired by D'assult Systemes in 2008.

At MIT, Michael focused on high performance wearable wireless sensor networks for measuring professional athletes.

After graduation, Michael became the third member of a new lab at Samsung Research America, headed by Henry Holtzman. He and his team were tasked with redefining the UX and CX around visual display and the IoT and defining the future products and roadmaps. After Samsung, Michael's career took an entrepreneurial direction. He is currently advising startups and working on one that he co-founded.

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

It taught me to value how important it is to shape technology to people, not shape people to technology.

The best time to start a company is directly out of grad school.