Past Member

Nikita Obidin

Former Research Assistant

Nikita Obidin is a graduate student in the Synthetic Neurobiology group at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses primarily on novel tools for interrogation of genomic and proteomic systems. 

 Before joining, he worked at a start-up founded out of Ed Boyden’s group at the MIT Media Lab where his focus was on the development of expansion microscopy for neuroimaging and in-situ interrogation of RNA for the creation of clinical diagnostic tools.

In 2014, Nikita founded Flask Biosciences, a CORFO-backed company working to develop a data analytics, management, and collaboration suite for biochemistry labs. 

His undergraduate research at the Advanced Laboratory of Ionic, Electronic, and Nanomaterials focused on constructing conducting polymer compounds for photovoltaic devices and developing novel protocols for efficient colloidal nanoparticle synthesis.

Most recently he was a featured artist at the Heritage Space in Hanoi, Vietnam where his work focused on our incomplete but growing knowledge of the human brain.