Past Member

Oscar Rosello

Former Research Assistant
  • Fluid Interfaces

Oscar is a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces group from Barcelona, Spain. His research focuses on designing interfaces that enhance human cognitive potential, guided by the principle that technologies fused with our bodies can redirect our perception and enhance self-awareness. His current projects include an augmented reality application to help memorize almost anything, a tangible interface to gain control over one’s heart rate, and a glove to interface with dreams. Oscar received an MS in Computer Science and an MS in Design and Computation from MIT as a La Caixa Foundation Fellow, graduating with the Best Thesis for SMarchS in 2017 under the supervision of Terry Knight, Pattie Maes and Patrick Winston. Oscar holds an MArch in Architecture from the UPC in Barcelona and is a Licensed Architect in Europe.  Now, he seeks to use his wearable designs to explore human intelligence and expand our cognitive ability.