Past Member

Rubez Chong Lu Ming

Former Research Assistant

I’m an experience designer working at the intersection of civic technology, design ethnography, and human-computer interaction. I design digital, physical, and spatial experiences. My creative pursuits draw from the fields of design, anthropology, and engineering.

I’m currently a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Center for Civic Media. My research interests include AI ethics, data and privacy, and emerging technologies. My master’s thesis explores the socio-technical implications of surveillance technologies. Specifically, it examines the ways in which voice technologies (i.e. Alexa, Google, Siri) have transformed and normalized surveillance cultures in our everyday lives. For more research updates, check out @rubezzel.

Prior to joining the MIT Media Lab, I worked in UX design, tech consulting, and international development. My work has brought me around the globe; Singapore, Norway, United States, Chile, and Israel.

When I’m not prototyping, you can find me working on a new mixtape, hiking a mountain, tucked away reading poetry, or simply sitting and watching the world go by. For more life explorations, go here.