Past Member

Sailin Zhong

Sailin is a visiting PhD student at the Responsive Environments group and a PhD student at the Human-IST Institute from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Her Ph.D. topic is sensing and augmenting human perception of comfort in the built environment. Previously, she worked as a work package leader at Singapore-ETH Centre and developed city-scale data visualization for the Cooling Singapore project. She obtained her bachelor's in Information Engineering and Media from Nanyang Technological University and her master's in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. She developed a socio-feedback application for wearable/mobile devices such as Google Glass based on low-level speech features and designed the system controller for smart fans in a net-zero energy building, a mobile application for user interaction, and a data learning system for optimizing the settings. Her work has been published in various top Human-Computer Interaction conferences, including CHI and CSCW.

Her research area lies in the conjunction of the human sense of comfort and environmental and physiological sensing and her research interests are human-building interaction, human-computer interaction, sensing, and interface design.