Past Member

Takatoshi Yoshida

Former Research Assistant
  • Tangible Media

Takatoshi Yoshida (who goes by Taka) is a researcher, engineer and designer from Japan. His focus is on the design of meaningful interactions between human and materials/machines, giving novel functionalities to daily materials and creating interactive interfaces which augment our limited perceptual capability. He is also interested in the interconnection between perceivable material properties and imperceptible physical/computational design with particular emphasis on digital fabrication, programmable electronics, computer vision and flexible optics.

Prior to joining the Media Lab, Takatoshi worked with the Vision Architecture Group, part of the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, to develop a novel 3D volumetric display based on a high-speed projection onto actuated materials, in which perceptual imagery is as realistic as real objects for human vision - as exhibited at SIGGRAPH and UIST. He also participated in developing mid-air and underwater displays within Tsukuba University's Digital Nature Group. 

At the University of Tokyo, Takatoshi studied experimental particle physics and received his BS in physics, as well as his MS in information science and technology. He has also completed the Graduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative Leaders at the University of Tokyo.

If you cannot catch him at the lab, you may find him enjoying tasty red wines, snowboarding during the winter months, or talking about science on TV!