Past Member

Alex Westner

Former Research Assistant, Object-Based Media

MS 1999
Founder and CEO,  Xander

A few years after graduating, Alex transitioned from research into industry, where he has since been leading Product Management and Strategy for pro audio companies. He has shipped over 100 products for musicians and audio engineers (including an Engineering Emmy(R) Award winner). Alex started a company, Xander, to develop augmented reality products for people with hearing loss—influenced by his audio and acoustics research at the Media Lab.

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

I immediately started working with Media Lab alum Michael Casey at MERL, and then with Bill Gardner at Wave Arts.

My advice is based on my regrets. The time goes by quick—make the most of it! Do awesome work and create new relationships—in the lab, at MIT, and with sponsors—constantly.