Past Member

Christine Sun Kim

Former Director's Fellow

Christine Sun Kim uses the medium of sound through technology and conceptual art to create a direct connection to society at large. She rationalizes and reframes her relationship with sound and spoken languages by using the audience’s voice as her own, conducting a group of people to sing with facial movements (rather than sound), and composing visual scores with sign language and musical symbols. Through this work, she raises questions on the ownership of sound, explores oral languages as social currency, deconstructs preconceived ideas about silence, and above all, unlearns sound etiquette. 

As part of her practice, Kim borrows other people’s voices in order to have one by collaborating with other artists. She exhibits and performs around the world, and has been artist-in-residence at the Whitney Museum, Haverford College, Southern Exposure, Arnolfini, and the University of Texas Visual Arts Center. She has also been a TED Fellow.