Past Member

Jamie Zigelbaum

Former Research Assistant, Tangible Media
  • Tangible Media

 SM 2008
Artist / Founding Partner & ECD

After the lab Jamie joined John Underkoffler at Oblong working on Gestural Interfaces before starting the art, design, and technology studio — Zigelbaum + Coelho — in 2010 with alumni Marcelo Coelho. Then, in 2012, Jamie moved to New York City to start his own art practice (Jamie Zigelbaum Studio) and consultancy (Midnight Commercial). Currently, Jamie splits his time between making art and leading his growing 20 person company where they invent next-generation experiences for the digital-physical frontier. 

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

The lab exposed me to so many ideas and minds at the forefront of global innovation. My career philosophy has always been to just go where the most interesting things are happening and let the rest sort it out, after the lab that was Oblong Industries where I could learn from the group of media lab alumni working there.

Learn as much as you can, mostly from other students. I've never seen or even heard legend of a place better for learning than the lab. Take advantage of it and try not to stress about "big" things like "success." Just be in love with knowledge and do everything.