30th Anniversary fund

by Stacie Slotnick

Nov. 8, 2016

WE DID IT! $108,822.73 raised toward $100,000 goal as of August 15, 2016

Fourteen Media Lab alums have pitched in to bootstrap the IF30–the Innovators Fund in celebration of the Lab's 30th Anniversary and they invite ALL Media Lab alums to join them.

The goal of the IF30 is complete inclusion: to inspire Media Lab alums to reconnect with and support the Lab, whether they are donating for the first or the 30th time. Alums often believe that Lab activities are entirely funded by our member companies, but in fact, other sources of funding, including gifts from alums and friends, represent about half of the Lab's annual revenue.

The IF30 was officially announced on Saturday, October 31, during the alumni brunch in celebration of the Media Lab's 30th anniversary. Among other things, funds will be used to create an alum lounge–a gathering place for current students and alums to relax and mingle when they visit the Lab. By mixing alums, students, and fellows from diverse groups and backgrounds, the lounge will contribute to the Media Lab's goal of creating a broad, welcoming, eclectic, and ultra-innovative community.


If $50,000 or more is raised by June 30, 2016, the group setting up the IF30 will match that money with their own $50,000.

The Media Lab is grateful for the generosity and inspiration provided by IF30 donors.

Please join them by making a gift at the MIT giving website.

Please identify gifts for this campaign with the fund name and number: "MEDIA LAB ANNIVERSARY FUND (3903640)."

We'll update you regularly on our progress between now and June 30, 2016.

But don’t take our word for it, take it from Mike Hawley:

"My Mom used to say PhDs are for people with a spare decade. Well, I spent a couple of decades at the Media Lab, and loved every minute of it. I loved being a student, loved being a professor, loved spinning up projects with our teams, loved pouring in blood, sweat, tears, loved raising many millions of dollars for our research, and loved everyone connected with the place. And now? Just think of all the years the Media Lab paid you. The love never ends. It’s time to give back. I’m writing a check. You should, too. Get out your *#&$*#* checkbook!"

For more information, please contact Peter Cohen (

Donors to date:

Rebecca Allen '80

David Backer '88

Ayah Bdeir '06

Sabrina Birner '89

Guillaume Boissiere '98

Mike Bove '83

Hans Peter Brøndmo ’87

Amy Bruckman '91

Michael Casey '98

Chao-Chi Chang '07

David Chen '92

Kevin Chiu '11

Joe Chung '86

Elise Co '98

William Coderre '86

Peter Cohen

Grace Colby '92

Vanessa Colella '01

Betsy Connors-Chen '89

Glorianna Davenport

Philip Davis '05 and Jessica Davis

Richard Devaul '99

Patricia Diaz '00

Abha Divine ’91

Cristina Dolan ’94

Judith Donath

Allison Druin '87

Arlene Ducao '13

Ingeborg Endter '00

Ian Eslick '13

Michelle Evard '98

Bill Farmer '91

Jon Ferguson

Michelle Fineblum '91

Scott Fullam '89

Steve Gano '83

William Gardner '81

Michael Gevelber '88

Noah Feehan '10

Idit Harel ’88

Annie Harris '73

Mike Hawley ’93

Jeff Herman '95

Edward Herranz '90

Henry Holtzman ’91 and Nancy Holtzman

Mohammed Hoque '13

Tareq Hoque '88

Bradley Horowitz ’91 and Irene Au

Michael Isnardi '82

Yuri Ivanov '98

Mary Lou Jepsen ’89

Michael B. Johnson '91

Birago Jones ’12

Lilly Kam '04

Joseph Kaye '99

Roger Kermode '94

Youngmoo Kim '03

Greg Kimberly '95

Boris Kizelshteyn '12

Joel Kollin '88

Mark Kortekaas '94

David Kung '93

Shelley Lake '79

Francis Lam '06

Jason Michael LaPenta '07

Hakon Lie '91

Andy Lippman ’77

Julia Ma '12

Patrick Mclean '91

Max Metral '95

Andrés Monroy-Hernández '12

Lee Morgenroth '92

Sai Moturu

Masanori Nagashima '76

Teresa Marrin Nakra '00

Jane Nisselson '83

Chaki Ng '00

Jeff Orkin '07

Maggie Orth '93

Wei Pan '15

Erin Panttaja '98

Lee Parks '79

Chris Perry '03

Arthur Petron '08

Paul Pettigrew '88

Steven Pliam '07

Rehmi Post '99

Earl Rennison ’95 and Suzette Rennison

Eugene Rough '93

Alex Rigopulos '92

Eric Rosenbaum '09

Robert Rowe '91

Judy Sachter '90

Nicholas Saint-Arnaud '95

Phil Salesses '12

Gitta Salomon '86

Ana Luisa de Araujo Santos '09

Eric Scheirer '95

Jocelyn Scheirer '01

Laura Scholl '91

Stanley Sclaroff '91

Eyal Shahar '12

Cyrus Shaoul '93

Dawei Shen '12

Alex Sherstinsky '94 and Ariella Kelman

Wilfrido Sierra '03

Jay Silver '14

Karl Sims '87

Stacie Slotnick

Joshua Smith '95

Megan Smith ’88

Hugo Solis '04

Dana Spiegel '99

Carol Strohecker '86

Praveen Subramani '10

Signe Swenson

Tamiko Thiel '83

Christopher Thorman '88

Phillip Tiongson '96

John Underkoffler ’91

Akito Van Troyer '12

Chris Verplaetse '97

Hannes Vilhjalmsson '97

Julie Walker '87

Peggy Weil '82

Alan Wexelblat '94

Jill Wohl '88 and Paul Pettigrew '88

Grace Woo ’12

Christopher Wren '93

Donna Khodarahmi Wren '91

James Youll '01

Aaron Zinman '11