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Stacie Slotnick

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Stacie Slotnick is now Director of Communications for MIT Human Resources. She can be reached at 


Stacie Slotnick joined the communications team at the Media Lab as a writer in 2001, and is now assistant director of communications. She has led the Lab's social media presence since its beginning and sent the Lab's first tweet. Stacie is passionate about all aspects of organizational communications, both public-facing and internal. Her commitment to improving information flow at the Media Lab led her to begin the project to overhaul the Lab's website, a project she continues to lead. This multi-year, Lab-wide endeavor has made it easier and faster for staff, faculty, students, members, and alumni to create and maintain content about their work. This has created a richer experience for public visitors to the Media Lab website, evidenced by web traffic almost doubling since the new site's launch in December of 2016. Prior to joining the Lab, she worked at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Phipps Conservatory (Pittsburgh, PA). She received her BA from St. John’s College (Annapolis), completed post-baccalaureate work in English and cultural studies at the University of Pittsburgh, and received her MA in English from Brandeis University.