RAISE AI Playground

Randi Williams

To create opportunities for more everyone to understand and create with AI, we need to make accessible tools that meet them where they are. Thus we have created the Raise AI Playground, a suite of block-based programming extensions. These blocks enable programming novices to explore machine learning models, robotics, and other AI engines.

Machine Learning Models

  1. Affective and Gesture Recognition with PoseBlocks
  2. Teachable Machine: English | Español
  3. Text Classifier: English | Español


  1. Arduino RobotFirmware download | Chrome extension
  2. micro:bit robotFirmware download
  3. Doodlebot
  4. Jibo

AI Engines

  1. Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech
  2. Natural Language Text Processing

The Raise AI Playground was developed on a fork of the open-source Scratch Blocks repository from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group.

Thank you to all the excellent RAs (Chessa Hoekstra, Jenna Hong, Nada Hussein) and UROPs (Pablo Alejo, Dolev Artzi, Nisha Devasia, Salma Islam, Saniya Karwa, Jimmy Kuhlman, Gur Machol, Tejal Reddy) for their contributions to this project.

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