AI Blocks

Randi Williams

To create opportunities for more people to understand and create with AI, we need to make accessible tools that meet them where they are...

We have developed block-based programming extensions on a forked version of the open-source Scratch Blocks repository.  These blocks enable programming novices to explore machine learning models, robotics, and other AI engines.

Typically, these tools are used with specific AI curricula, but they can also be used in a standalone manner by following the links below:

Machine Learning Models

  1. PoseBlocks (Scratch 3)
  2. Teachable Machine (Scratch 3): English | Español
  3. Text Classifier (Scratch 3): English | Español


  1. Arduino Robot: Scratch 2 | Scratch 3 | Firmware download | Chrome extension
  2. micro:bit robot: Scratch 3 | Firmware download
  3. Doodlebot
  4. Jibo

AI Engines

  1. Affectiva (Scratch 2)
  2. Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech: Scratch 2 | Scratch 3

 Thank you to the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, Tejal Reddy (UROP), and Pablo Alejo (UROP) for their work on this project.

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