Battery-free wireless underwater camera wins Best Demo Award at ACM WUWNet'22


Signal Kinetics

Signal Kinetics

Researchers in the Signal Kinetics group have successfully demonstrated the world's first battery-free wireless underwater camera at ACM's 16th International Conference on Underwater Networks and Systems (WUWNet'22) and won the Best Demo Award

This is the first real-time demonstration of the battery-free wireless underwater camera that was originally published in Nature Communications'22. The paper was also selected as a Research Highlight in the October issue of Nature Electronics. These cameras pave the way for long-term and sustainable sensing of the ocean at scale.  

The demo's authors are John (Jack) Rademacher, Waleed Akbar, Sayed Saad Afzal, Osvy Rodriguez, Nazish Naeem, Purui Wang, Mario Doumet, Unsoo Ha, Reza Ghaffarivardavagh, and group head Fadel Adib.

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