Deblina Sarkar is among the seven scientists featured by MIND Prize in Nature Neuroscience

Jimmy Day

The seven scientists who recently received the inaugural 2023 MIND Prize appeared on the inside cover of the May edition of Nature Neuroscience. Deblina Sarkar, assistant professor at MIT and AT&T Career Development Chair Professor at MIT Media Lab, is one of the scientists to receive this honor. The page congratulates the scientists and celebrates their pioneering work in cognitive health.

Treating brain diseases and mental illnesses is one of today's most pressing challenges, with a billion people suffering worldwide with no cure. Solving this requires going beyond conventional routes and developing transformative technologies. Prof. Sarkar is developing nanoelectronics-bio hybrids that can be seamlessly integrated into the brain and modulate the bio-electro-chemical signaling with high spatiotemporal precision to treat neurological and psychiatric diseases.


MIND Prize – The Pershing Square Foundation

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