Design Exploration: Towards a Moon Architecture

Webinar Series "Design Exploration: towards a Moon Architecture"

MIT Media Lab Webinar Series "Design Exploration: towards a Moon Architecture" explored the domain of Space Architecture in the framework to return humankind to the Moon to stay, as envisioned also by the NASA's ARTEMIS Program. 

The Webinar Series hosted different seminars addressing specific aspects of designing a lunar settlement with several experts in the field. In the Photo Gallery there is a glimpse to all the talks that gathered space architects and engineers from NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA Johnson Space Center and ESA, astronauts (Prof. Jeffrey Hoffman and Paolo Nespoli), faculty from different universities (University of Houston - Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, UW-Madison, Université Paris-Saclay, University of Southern Denmark, University of Bologna, Politecnico di Milano, MIT Media Lab and MIT AeroAstro) and companies (Trotti Studio, Thales Alenia Space, SOM, ICON).

Since this MIT Media Lab Webinar Series has been developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano course "Architecture for Human Space Exploration", lectured by Prof. Valentina Sumini, a VR Poster Session is presented here to share an  overview of the space architecture projects developed by Politecnico di Milano students during this collaborative didactic and research activity.

Lecturers: Prof. Joseph Paradiso, Prof. Valentina Sumini, Arch. Guillermo Trotti

Teaching Assistant: Arch. Marta Rossi

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