Media Lab Startup Showcase

October 23

Fall 2019 Member Meeting Media Lab startup showcase (3rd Floor)

The MIT Media Lab fall 2019 member meeting is an invitation-only event. 

5:00 |  welcome
Habib Haddad and Calvin Chin

5:05 |  startup presentations

Wise Systems
Wise Systems builds autonomous dispatch and routing software that uses machine learning to continuously improve fleet efficiency and customer service. Used by some of the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems focuses on the last-mile challenges, using fleet data and real-time data feeds for the most accurate, up-to-date decision making.

Entertainment and media are changing—audiences are gravitating towards more interactive and hyper-personalized experiences such as gaming and digital content. We help brands, agencies, and studios create immersive, personalized, and scalable digital experiences. 

FIGUR8 has created the first digital health platform to objectively measure and longitudinally track body movement as a biomarker. In just minutes, clinicians can take clients through a FIGUR8 assessment to establish a movement health baseline, diagnose movement dysfunction, identify injury risk, optimize exercise routines, and monitor progress. 

Labby Inc.
Labby is developing a breakthrough mobile based spectrometer technology to reinvent the material (liquid or solid) testing process at the sourcing level in the food/agro/chemical space by using optical sensing with built-in IoT and AI capabilities. The ultra-portable micro-spectrometer supports multi-parameters sensing and offers accurate, affordable, real-time, and field-proof solutions. 

DeepCure is transforming the field of small-molecule drug discovery, by delivering better drugs in a faster and cheaper way. At DeepCure, we reimagine the discovery pipeline using our AI platform to search the enormous chemical space with state-of-the-art accuracies. 

Overjet’s AI-powered platform drives dental organizations to deliver the best patient care while increasing profitability.

A new category of displays that gives immersion and high fidelity with no need for headsets.

OPT Industries, Inc. 
OPT Industries brings together automation engineering, computational design and material science, unifying the production processes for functional materials. We build software and hardware to 3D print rolls of highly customized, bioinspired textile-like materials from micro to macro scale. 

Unitary Labs, Inc. lets people with little or no programming skills build full-stack social, group collaboration, and messaging software applications in minutes.

ThruWave makes the invisible visible with human-safe 3D millimeter wave images. ThruWave enables the real-time auditing of sealed packages, including counting and identifying items, detecting leaks, and measuring fill fraction at conveyor speeds.

A portable device designed to be easily attached to any bicycle to instantly upgrade it into an e-bike.

Kiwi Technologies
Kiwi provides advanced aerial application (crop dusting) as a service to farms that want the speed of aircraft with unparalleled precision and value. To make this possible, Kiwi builds and operates proprietary heavy payload drones that transform the air into infrastructure.

Canopy is a new personalization architecture for a better internet. Our technology is a combination of on-device machine learning and differential privacy that ensures personalization is great, data stays on devices and users keep the power of discovery in their control. 

Spatial’s AR collaboration platform allows people to instantly teleport anywhere in the world and work together with others as if in the same room. Spatial is Featured in two Microsoft CEO keynotes in the last 6 months, the launch of the Hololens 2 and our integration with the Microsoft stack. 

MODit3D Inc
MODit solves quality control automation—the missing link for industry 4.0.

Optimus Ride
Optimus Ride is the leading self-driving vehicle technology company developing fully autonomous (SAE Level 4) systems for geofenced environments.

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