Four Labbers receive AI Influencer Awards


Franck V.

Franck V.

At the virtual MIT AI Conference 2020: AI for a Better World, happening July 14-18, Sandy Pentland (head of the Human Dynamics group), Ramesh Raskar (head of the Camera Culture group), Joy Buolamwini (researcher in the Civic Media group and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League), and Chazz Sims (former outside researcher in Human Dynamics and founder of Media Lab spinoff Wise Systems) are being honored with AI Influencer Awards for exemplifying MIT’s mission to serve the nation and the world through AI based technology. 

The four main categories of these awards include:

  • Lifetime Achievement - Individual who already achieved several lifetimes’ worth of breakthroughs, founding or funding new innovations and launching new industries.
  • Better World - Individual who demonstrates a real commitment to building a diverse and inclusive tech community and making a Better World.
  • Trailblazer - This award recognizes individuals for their inspirational breakthroughs, and founding new fields of study.
  • Rising Star - It’s never too early to invent groundbreaking technology, start a company, or bring innovations to market. This award recognizes someone under 35 who is already building solutions to create a new world.
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