Mollastica - From Deep Sea to Deep Space

Impenetrable darkness, extreme pressure, cold water, and disorienting equilibrium. Deep sea creatures live in a world that is closer to outer space than Earth's land. 

We shall listen to the callings from the ocean floor, as the legends tell our reverence to the deep. Everything from the past and the past-to-be falls to the ocean floor. The world of the deep swallows and transforms all: organism, lava, plastic.

If we mistake the deep ocean for empty, it is only because its fullness is just beyond the limits of our eyes. Home is a thin membrane above sea level and under atmosphere. When we fly into space or dive to the ocean floor, the fabric of spacetime folds us into one darkness. Where ocean and outer space connect, we meet Mollastica.

Collaborating with fashion designer Yao Yu, Xin Liu creates a molluscs costume of Mollastica which “swallows” strips of cloth made from Parley’s ocean plastic® yarn.

The costume will grow in zero gravity during this flight. At the same time, Xin’s body performance will also be motion captured in 3D by Microsoft Azura system and rendered later for a deep sea\deep sea video work.

On August 15th,  we successfully performed the project in the space exploration initiative's annual ZERO-G parabolic flight, operated by ZeroG corp.

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