Media Lab Focus | September 2021: Aging


Personal Robots

Personal Robots

by Chikara Ishida

Aug. 30, 2021

The Media Lab Focus series for September 2021 will include a Research Report, presentations with live Q+A, and workshops around the theme of Aging—using technology to assist our aging population.

These events are for members of the Media Lab only.  We encourage you to create a Member Portal account using your company email address via this link: All post-event materials and access to the Research Report will require you to have an active account. 


  • Tuesday, September 21 @1–1:30pm ET
    Professor Hugh Herr will discuss his group's research on ways to improve people's mobility as they age, such as using exoskeletons and novel methods to control them. 
    Watch the recording here.
  • Wednesday, September 22 @1–1:30pm ET
    Hae Won Park and Anastasia Ostrowski from Personal Robots will discuss their research on how social robots can assist older adults to age-in-place, supporting them in ways to connect with others, track vitals, coach emotional wellness, and assist with medical adherence.
    Watch the recording here.
  • Thursday, September 23 @1–1:30pm ET
    Professor Kent Larson and his students will discuss their research pertaining to people as they age in their home and in the greater community they live in.
    Watch the recording here
  • Thursday, September 30 @1–1:30pm ET
    Neo Mohsenvand from Fluid Interfaces and member company NTT DATA will discuss their research on a digital memory book and a memory sharing/testing system to help monitor and characterize memory loss due to aging and conditions such as dementia.   
    Watch the recording here.