Neil Gaikwad chosen as a 2019 Facebook Fellow


Neil Gaikwad Photography

Neil Gaikwad

Neil Gaikwad, a PhD student in the Space Enabled research group, has been selected as one of the 2019 Facebook Fellows. 

The highly competitive Facebook Fellowship award recognizes outstanding PhD students engaged in relevant, innovative research across the fields of computer science and engineering. This year, twenty-one Fellows and seven Emerging Scholars (including several from MIT) were chosen out of more than 900 applications from all over the world.  

Neil is specializing in  human-centered machine learning and public policy for sustainable development.  He designs and develops socially-aware Artificial Intelligence for sustainable development, with a focus on increasing social equity in policymaking and institutions, analyzing large-scale data emerging from environmental remote sensing satellites and socio-economic processes. 

Neil's research and its practical relevance are informed by human-centered ML and policy research in academia, quantitative finance and market risk research on Wall Street, and field research with vulnerable communities in different parts of the world.

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