Operating in the Lunar Environment Course


Yevgeny Koramblyum

Yevgeny Koramblyum

First taught in Spring 2021 and with future versions planned, Operating in the Lunar Environment is a collaboration between MIT AeroAstro and SEI. This course is a detailed exploration of the design and engineering challenges posed by operating in the lunar environment. Students gain hands-on experience, working in teams, to design a payload to address strategic objectives associated with NASA’s Artemis program, aiming to enable near-term sustainable settlements on the lunar surface. Lectures and associated recitations explore varying mission goals and operating environments, from lunar-class launch, to orbiters, landers, rovers, and habitats. Guest lectures include prominent engineers, scientists, industry players and policymakers who have direct experience in lunar mission design and development. Students and project teams that successfully complete a CDR at the end of the class are supported by SEI towards prospective lunar surface payload opportunities as part of MIT’s “To the Moon to Stay” Program.

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