Proposal Initiation Form

by Jessica Mello

Dec. 7, 2017

Principal Investigators (PIs) can initiate a proposal for any sponsor (internal or external), or request a budget scenario for a potential gift, by filling out a PI Proposal Initiation (PIPI) Form

The PIPI form is used to assign someone from Finance (or External Relations for industry sponsors and consortium member companies) to work with you on the proposal, ensure all applicable MIT approvals are in place, and develop a budget in compliance with MIT practices and sponsor requirements.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Any questions regarding this form and its functions can be emailed to

Best Practices:

  • Submit the PIPI form at least 7 business days before the sponsor's deadline (2 days for ML + 5 days for RAS).
  • The PI is always in the loop for proposals submitted by other researchers in the group.
  • If MIT will submit to another institution (e.g. another university), then that institution should be listed as the sponsor ("prime" sponsor is determined by the funding opportunity announcement, e.g. NIH or NSF). 
  • There are many variables involved when creating a budget for an MIT project. Please don't try this at home! Allow us to prepare it for you: tell us the line items and we will do the rest.
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