Stable Auto

Industry leaders in automotive and related sectors see the future of mobility composed of large fleets—cars as a service—electric and autonomous for most applications. Fleets offer the most compelling economic model for the deployment of these technologies and the transformation of today’s infrastructure, as well as the economic dynamics and logistics for continuing operations. And while there are 160,000 gas stations in the US alone, the government predicts a need for 1.2M charging stations.

Stable Auto has built the software and hardware and deploys a turnkey distributed supercharger network for fleet customers. Using data science to optimize charging location and fleet management, autonomous, electric vehicles will arrive at Stable Auto super-charging stations to be charged by Stable Auto’s robots using automated computer vision and mechatronic systems. Stable Auto robots are designed to coordinate and perform these services to maximize vehicle utilization and minimize cost per mile by balancing vehicle supply and demand with electrical load and variable cost. 

Founded: 2016

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