<Tree> is a virtual experience that transforms you into a rainforest tree, which will debut at Sundance Film Festival 2017 New Frontier. With your arms as branches and body as the trunk, you experience the tree’s growth from a seedling into its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand. Collaborating with director Milica Zec and Winslow Porter, Xin Liu and Yedan Qian ( Umeå Institute of Design) from the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab designed and constructed the entire tactile experience throughout the film. With precisely controlled physical elements including vibration, heat, fan, and body haptics, the team created a fully immersive virtual reality storytelling tool, where the audience no longer watches but is transformed into a new identity, a giant tree in the Peruvian rainforest.

Installation view at Sundance New Frontier 2017

Project funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

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