Participating ventures at MLVS 2020


Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

The following ventures (startups, nonprofits, academic labs, studios, etc.)—all started by the Media Lab community—will be participating in the first Media Lab Venture Summit on January 28, 2020. 

10xMotion |

10XMotion builds autonomous mobility solutions for people with disabilities accessing public spaces. 

Akkio |

Akkio is an AI-driven platform that lets anyone use AI to solve their hardest business problems—in minutes. No code and no AI experts needed. 

Biobot |

Biobot Analytics measures opioids in city sewage to map consumption in cities. Public health departments use this data to tailor, deploy, and monitor programmatic response. 

Brelyon |

Breylon is building a new category of displays that gives immersion and high fidelity with no need for headsets. 

C16 Biosciences |

C16 Biosciences uses biotechnology to produce sustainable alternatives to palm oil. 

Catalia Health |

Catalia Health empowers you to gather deeper insights and longer engagement from your patients. 

Cortico |

Cortico is a non-profit in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab. Cortico builds systems that bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue. 

Desktop Metal |

Desktop Metal is reinventing the way engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts—from prototyping through mass production. 

Diligent Robotics |

Diligent's AI-powered mobile manipulation robots will redefine the meaning of work. Moxi, their first product, supports clinical teams in hospitals to address workforce shortages and improve operational efficiency. 

Elemind |

Elemind develops noninvasive neuromodulation technology to improve brain function. 

Empatica |

Empatica is making waves in healthcare through wearable smartbands that utilize machine learning to unlock the physiology of your health. Empatica uses an intricate combination of biosensors to monitor unique components of sleep, activity, and stress. 

Figur8 |

FIGUR8 has built a new standard of care for movement dysfunction to help everyone move better, train smarter and recover faster. FIGUR8 is a hardware and SaaS platform for highly accurate digitization of body movement to help clinicians make better informed decisions. 

Formlabs |

Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything. Formlabs is the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and decision makers around the globe. 

Graph Commons |

Graph Commons is a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing and publishing data-networks

Graviky |

Graviky turns carbon emissions into raw materials for apparel and packaging industries. 

hint |

hint is an AI-powered tool helping people realize their full potential when writing. With just a click, hint provides highly personalized suggestions for your next sentences. hint’s machine learning algorithm crafts your next sentence based on what you have previously written. 

Humanyze |

Humanyze brings advanced workplace analytics and new data sources to enterprise business decisions. 

Kiwi Technologies |

Kiwi provides efficient, informed, crop protection from the air. 

Labby |

Labby is an information and data company that combines optical sensing with AI to increase the operational efficiency and profitability of dairy farms. 

Leela |

Leela AI has developed a new technology that automatically weaves together networks of machine learning modules to create a more resilient type of machine intelligence. Instead of merely finding patterns, Leela AI's agent autonomously explores the environment and discovers new concepts without supervision. 

LendBuzz |

Lendbuzz provides auto loans for both American citizens, and international visa holders who don't have a SSN or have a thin credit file. 

 Lumii |

Trillions of packaged products are produced every year. Lumii is using large scale algorithms to reduce the cost and environmental impact of packaging, and increase shelf appeal with motion and 3D effects printed with the existing install base of press equipment. 

mui |

mui is an IoT smart home hub that brings a calm experience, made with natural wood. 

OPT Industries |

OPT Industries builds integrated additive manufacturing systems to 3D print rolls of customizable materials with extreme high precision from micro to macro scale. OPT's technology provides material solutions to industries such as sports, fashion, interiors, medical, automobile and beyond. 

OptimusRide |

Optimus Ride is the leading self-driving vehicle technology company developing fully autonomous (SAE Level 4) systems for geofenced environments. 

Ori |

Ori helps people live large in a smaller footprint by creating space on demand with robotic interiors. Ori's technology and systems are used to design intelligent and responsive products that allow for the elegant and effortless transformation of space. 

Overjet |

Overjet uses AI to analyze dental clinical data to help payers and practices improve patient care and increase profitability. Overjet's computer vision algorithms can accurately identify oral anatomy and diseases from dental x-rays and other patient records to determine the right treatments for the patient. 

Pathr | is the first AI-powered Spatial Intelligence platform that uses anonymous location data to derive actionable business insights in real-time, fueling results for operations and marketing. 

Ramona Optics |

Ramona Optics is changing the way you look at the world, by combining machine learning with novel optics to reinvent what's possible with a microscope. 

Riff Learning |

Riff is a collaboration tool that improves workplace engagement by giving feedback about small group conversational dynamics. Using AI-generated real-time intervention and post-meeting metrics, Riff helps people become more aware of their patterns of interaction in order to develop the soft skills and collaboration techniques. 


SAIL has made an easy to use interface that makes analysis and bioinformatics secure and simple. SAIL's technology ensures that data never leaves the hospital infrastructure and all computation happens on premises. 

Scratch |

Scratch is a free programming language and global online community for children. 

Sourcemap | 

Sourcemap is the supply chain transparency platform. 

Treau |

Treau makes homes and buildings more comfortable, with a new class of air conditioner and heat pump that doesn’t compromise on efficiency, comfort, or the environment. 

Tulip |

Tulip's flexible and intuitive manufacturing app platform helps manufacturers create applications that guide operators and collect data from the people, machines, and processes involved in production. With Tulip, companies can digitally transform their shop floors and gain real-time visibility of their production in days. 

Volta Labs |

Volta Labs makes programmable chips for biological automation. 

Wise Systems |

Wise Systems builds autonomous dispatch and routing software that uses machine learning to continuously improve fleet efficiency and customer service. Wise Systems focuses on the last-mile challenges, using fleet data and real-time data feeds for the most accurate, up-to-date decision making.

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