Augmented Reality Livecoding

Adam Ninyo

Char Stiles debuted "Fastest Integer Multiplier" at Amant Gallery's "For Your Reference." This performance used a custom tool CARL (Code Augmented Reality Live) that Char Stiles is currently iterating upon.

In this performance users were directed to go to on their mobile phone; the story then unraveled on their augmented phone screens, narrated by Char via performance on stage mixed with her real time text narration, and graphical coding that is transmitted to user's phones real-time.

The story is a fictional elucidation based around the very real fact that the fastest way to multiply two integers together is using what is known as a galactic algorithm

galactic algorithm is one with world-beating theoretical (asymptotic) performance, but which is never used in practice. 

Along side the text and vocal narration is a 3D world of geometric shapes overlayed in augmented reality. This world is being coded by the performer on stage. The code that is projected on the main stage screen for the audience to see. This act is what is known as livecoding. The visuals act as a abstract representation about the concepts needed to grasp the galactic algorithm.

If you have any questions about this performance or this tool, please feel free to reach out to Char at