Balance Table

A conference table that subtly encourages mindfulness

The Balance Table is not only a place to meet; it is a powerful tool for team collaboration. The table unobtrusively measures the conversational balance and displays a visualization that encourages participation. The Balance Table is used by companies who value shared ideas, egalitarian teams, and the innovation that comes from a culture of collaboration.

* An effective tool for facilitating collaborative conversation, and improving social dynamics through self-awareness.

* Embedded sound sensors and LEDs provide a beautiful, subtle feedback without ever storing any data.

The Balance Table is an enchanted object. It is a sleek modern hexagonal conference table which discretely conceals a consolation of LEDs just under its surface. When a few participants gather around the table and start speaking the lighting in front of that person very gradually begins to illuminate. Over time it becomes clear who is contributing to the conversation and who has been relatively quiet. This visual feedback encourages extroverts to dominate less, and introverts to participate resulting in better ideas. Even after leaving the table, people report an increased sensitivity to conversational balance even when sitting around “dumb” furniture without the feedback.