Better Home Freezing, Cooking, and Farming

Instead of ordering produce or groceries through the Web, is there a radically different future built on distributed food production? Working with advanced hydroponic technology in the kitchen, we are inventing and exploring methods for bringing efficient microfarming directly into the home. The thesis here is that networked home gardening can enable greater engagement, empowerment, and knowledge about the foods we eat. An essential enabler for this is a new home web of intelligent appliances�for instance, radically improved tools for heating and cooling food. The refrigerator generally uses more electricity than any other appliance in the home. We are devising ways to make these and other appliances much more efficient by tracking patterns of use in homes and dorms and using fuzzy logic algorithms to modify appliance behavior. Likewise, the stove can be one of the most dangerous appliances in the home, and most stoves allow only the crudest control over temperature. By looking at the fundamental relationships between the food and the pot, the pot and the stove, and the users, we will invent safer, easier, more accurate and enjoyable ways to cook.