Foundations : Design of Codified Curricula in Coding, Design, Fabrication, Games, Music, Media, etc.


Foundations (2015 - 2016): The Year 1 MIT/Google collaboration program has Pilot Labs in NYC and Oakland. In the Labs, we introduce a cohort of 8th and 9th graders to the rudiments of Coding and Maker Technologies. Our pedagogy emphasizes Making and Doing and is greatly emphasized by Seymour Papert’s theory of Constructivism and Mel King’s work with youth at the South End Technology Center. For the program, we design and author Curricula and Learning Activities for the Coaches/Instructors, the students, and the parents.The Domains include Coding, Design, Fabrication, Games, Digital Music and Interactive Media. The Toolbox includes Scratch, Formit, Tinkercad, Libre Office, YouiDraw, LittleBits, Laser Cutters, 3D printers, Codebender/Arduino, Touchboard, and MaKey MaKey. In addition, the students receive Leadership Training, Mathematics, and College Preparation.

The Labs

Learning Activity Tutorials (Samples)

Interactive Learning Activity Decks (Samples)

Parental Engagement: They experience Coding and Making for the first time