Community Dialogue Data Trust (CODIDT)

The Community Dialogue Data Trust (CODIDT) is an interactive digital platform designed to empower participants in facilitated dialogues with tools for safeguarding data privacy and digital identity. The platform's tools are oriented towards establishing and upholding a foundation of data trust. By utilizing CODIDT, participants can actively secure their conversational data (voices), individual and communal identity information, and community values data. Underlying this platform is a data trust model that empowers individuals to exercise authority and oversight over their own conversational data. This empowerment is facilitated through direct accessibility and control mechanisms, augmented by a feature that fosters transparency, enabling participants to offer constructive input on the interpretation of their conversational data. In essence, CODIDT establishes personal data ownership, fosters transparency, ensures accountability, and reinforces the dependability of dialogue conversation data. These principles are embedded throughout the entire lifecycle of dialogue interactions, encompassing recording, interpretation, and dissemination of conversation highlights for broader community engagement.

Research Topics
#design #civic technology #data