Customizable Sensate Surface for Music Control



We developed a music control surface which enables integration between any musical instruments via a versatile, customizable, and inexpensive user interface. This sensate surface allows capacitive sensor electrodes and connections between electronics components to be printed onto a large roll of flexible substrate unrestricted in length. The high-dynamic, range-capacitive sensing electrodes can not only infer touch, but near-range, non-contact gestural nuance in a music performance. With this sensate surface, users can "cut" out their desired shapes, "paste" the number of inputs, and customize their controller interfaces, which can then send signals wirelessly to effects or software synthesizers. We seek to find a solution for integrating the form factor of traditional music controllers seamlessly on top of one's instrument, while adding expressiveness to performance by sensing and incorporating movements and gestures to manipulate the musical output.

Research Topics
#music #interfaces