Humanized Cryptoassets



This project delivers a series of Github-signal based metrics that would be useful to both the layman and investor, helping look beyond the rocky trends of the cryptocurrency market to the actual viability of the token as a utility or security from the perspective of developer dynamic. By doing a quantitative analysis of source code and developer activity within a community, we can provide a rich set of insights into the health of a token’s foundation.

Assessment Methodology

Building upon previous research, we gathered a ranked list of 13,695 repositories that correlate with 1,011 tokens—where we assess a token (i.e., Bitcoin) which has multiple repositories (i.e., bips, bitcoin, libbase58). The repository metadata information includes url data, forks_count, subscribers_count, network_count, open_issues_count, watchers_count, stargazers_count, size, created_at, updated_at, pushed_at, has_wiki, has_downloads, has_issues, is_fork. We have built a classifier that accepts this metadata as input features  and returns a label to help us assess ranking qualities of the specified token.

Co-authored with Yashashree Kokje

Research Topics
#cryptocurrency #blockchain