Doppelmarsh: Cross-reality environmental sensor data browser

Don Derek Haddad


Doppelmarsh is a cross-reality sensor data browser built for experimenting with presence and multimodal sensory experiences. Built on evolving terrain data from a physical wetland landscape, the software integrates real-time data from an environmental sensor network with real-time audio streams and other media from the site. Sensor data is rendered in the scene in both visual representations and as 3D sonification. Users can explore this data by walking on the virtual terrain in a first person view, or flying high above it. This flexibility allows Doppelmarsh to serve as an interface to other research platforms on the site, such as Quadrasense, an augmented reality UAV system that blends a flying live camera view with a virtual camera from Doppelmarsh. We are currently investigating methods for representing subsurface data, such as soil and water temperatures at depth, as well as automation in scene and terrain painting.

Research Topics
#environment #sensors