Empowering K12 Educators: Fostering Collaborative Intelligence with Generative AI

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) interventions in education grow, there is an urgent need to co-design AI for education tools with educators. This project focuses on the immense promise of human-AI co-creation tools to empower K-12 educators and augment their productivity and creativity. We introduce an AI-powered lesson plan co-creation tool that addresses time and resource constraints. Crucially, we co-designed the tool with four middle school teachers during a series of interviews and playtests in which we iteratively incorporated their vital feedback and suggestions.

Evaluation of their feedback highlighted the tool's effectiveness in enhancing lesson planning and underscored an opportunity for similar tools to enhance education. We also discuss the ethical landscape of such technologies, detailing how our tool confronts issues of safety, bias, misinformation, and data privacy and provide suggestions for future work.

Overall, we advocate for collective efforts in co-designing tools with educators that prioritize safety, equity, and alignment with the goal of enriching learning experiences.


MIT Media Lab