Enhanced Sensory Perception


As the population ages, acuity in one or more sensory channels often diminishes or may be totally lost. Augmenting or compensating for loss in the perceptual system by taking advantage of sensory data outside the normal human range and mapping it to meaningful perceptual information has the potential of giving an ordinary person enhanced sensory perception (ESP). Sensory deficiency is not restricted to any particular segment of the population, however. For example, we tend to be myopic about ourselves, and thus can benefit from psychological mirrors in the form of trainers or therapists who can assess and guide our physical and/or mental development. In this spirit, "Reflective Biometrics" is a novel approach to analyzing and interpreting biometric sensory information for self monitoring and examination. It is self-examination via technology as a mirror. Biometric technologies in service of the individual can serve as reflectors that enhance our self-awareness, self-understanding, and health, and they can facilitate our interaction with computers and with each other by augmenting our perceptual system.