eRadio: Empowerment Through Community Electronic Radio

eRadio: Empowerment Through Community Electronic Radio is a set of logistics and electronic tools designed to help underserved communities that suffer from multiple communication gaps (lack of content, audience, means, and motivation, stemming from underestimation of their resources and capabilities). The logistics intend to develop a community-specific iterative process of self-discovery and empowerment, bringing together eTools, applications, procedures, and people, and making use of inquiry, discovery, and ethno-methodological strategies and techniques to get the community to generate content "a voice" and to broadcast and Webcast it so as to multiply participation, generate more feedback, and further the iterative process. Inter-community and diaspora-community involvement is also foreseen. The tool, named "eAudioKit," is a low-cost, user-friendly data and audio processor, fitted with specific software and open-source applications (eTools), organized, integrated, and customized for recording, editing, encoding, archiving, and uploading small audio pieces and audio projects or radio programs.