Coupling of EHD Fiber Pumps with Fluidic Artificial Muscles

Ozgun Kilic Afsar

Revolutionizing the future of fluid-based robotics using charge-injection electrohydrodynamic fiber pumps. This work is in collaboration with EPFL LMTS and Politecnico di Bari.


Fiber pumps enable liquid flow and pressure generation with diameters in the mm range. Soft and solid-state, these pumps solve the long-standing problem of making fluidic actuators untethered. In this work, we explore the coupling of fiber pumps with fiber-shaped artificial muscles having the same form factor. Integrated all fiber artificial muscles open wide opportunities for robots and wearables design. To fully leverage their performance, these coupled systems need to be carefully designed to maximize the muscles output given the finite pressure and flowrate that fiber pumps can generate.

Science Publication on EHD Fiber Pumps by EPFL