Halo: Wearable Lighting

Paula Aguilera

Imagine a future where lights are not fixed to the ceiling, but follow us wherever we are. In this colorful world we enjoy lighting that is designed to go along with the moment, the activity, our feelings, and our outfits. Halo is a wearable lighting device created to explore this scenario. Different from architectural lighting, this personal lighting device aims to illuminate and present its user. Halo changes the wearer's appearance with the ease of a button click, similar to adding a filter to a photograph. It can also change the user's view of the world, brightening up a rainy day or coloring a gray landscape. Halo can react to activities and adapt based on context. It is a responsive window between the wearer and his or her surroundings.

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#design #entertainment

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Alexander W Dreyfoos (1954) Professor; Associate Academic Head, Program in Media Arts and Sciences