The Interplanetary Cookbook




The Interplanetary Cookbook, developed by Maggie Coblentz, presents thought-provoking recipes and zero-g kitchenware for the future of life in outer space. Presently, most of space food is made for survival, yet food does not simply provide nourishment. It opens our imagination, engages our senses, and contains our rich heritage. As humans venture further into deep space and explore new planets, a unique food culture will emerge. By pushing the boundaries of space food as we know it, we hope to inspire a new field of Interplanetary Gastronomy that questions both what is possible, and what is desirable. This is less of a traditional cookbook with prescriptive tools and applications, but an expression of ideas about the flavors and artifacts of daily life that reflect our culinary future. The cookbook includes a collection of in-house designs, collaborations, and public contributions from around the world, to reflect the many ingredients and voices that shape our rich food culture.

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The digital cookbook is coming soon. Stay tuned! 

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