LEGO Wayfinder

Person People
Katy Croff Bell
Research Scientist
Person People
Jennifer Chow
Education and Outreach Manager, Open Ocean
Person People
Daniel Novy
Research Scientist
Person People
J. Philipp Schmidt
Director of Digital Learning and Collaboration
Person People
Avery Normandin
Learning Programs Coordinator, Digital Learning + Collaboration Studio
Person People
Katherine McConachie
Assistant Director, ML Learning Initiative

Other Contributors

  • Tom Consi (MIT Sea Grant)
  • Rachel Hwang (Wellesley UROP)
  • John Paris (MIT UROP)
  • Daniel Mathiasen (FRVR, previously at LEGO Education)
  • Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine)
  • Harm van Beek (The Incredible Machine)
  • Michelle Carnevale (11th Hour Racing)