LightCloud: Future of Dynamic Lighting in the Shared Space

Elena Chong Loo Kodama

Lighting conditions in an indoor environment have been shown to affect our cognition and behaviors in a variety of ways. On average, we spend 90% of our time in indoor environments. These usually involve multiple people with diverse environmental needs sharing a space with the same lighting conditions. Additionally, besides providing us with better illumination for practical and aesthetic effects, the way we use and interact with light has not changed. To address this, we present LightCloud, a lighting system that enables each user to create and control their own dynamic light source in a shared enclosed space for enhancing social interactions and work experience. The advances in smart lighting and novel distributed system architecture will further enable novel multi-user dynamic lighting. This project aims to provide a look into the applications of dynamic lighting between multiple users in a shared environment.

This work won the Best Poster award prize at the Future Technologies Conference (FTC 2020)

Conference Paper

Research Topics
#design #environment #sensors