Liquid Movies

Viral Communications


Video has evolved from an esoteric production to the default means of online and broadcast communication. We accept a wrong or lengthy video where we would object to poor writing. And because moving images impact us viscerally and intellectually, we are susceptible to bias, misinformation, and falsity in the video because of its presentation rather than its argument. Liquid Movies is an analytical engine built on years of research and development for the intelligent search and segmentation of image, text, and sound within a video. First, we showed how Liquid Movies applied to news, and other media (e.g., Netflix) provides improved navigation through the sea of uncertainty for typical media consumers. Now with Liquid Movies: News and Liquid Movies: Learning, the platform expands into increasingly assistive media aids that enable users to explore  across videos in a graphically and intelligent way. And then, from such explorations, users can distill their journeys into movies.