Lunar Open Architecture


C/O Sana Sharma

Sana Sharma

Building an open, shared, and collaborative future of lunar exploration.

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We're building LOA because the future of lunar exploration is getting crowded: In contrast to the Apollo era, planned lunar activity now includes more actors than ever before, coming from around the world, in the public and private sector, interested in making a return to the surface of the Moon.

Before we get there, though, we’ll need to fill fundamental science gaps and develop essential technologies, while establishing key policies and refining the economics to get there, and stay. 

The Lunar Open Architecture is the first open-source, collaborative, and dynamic roadmap for lunar exploration. Rather than generating top-down static roadmaps, that reflect a narrow set of objectives and goals that will soon be out of date, LOA tracks developments around the world in technology, science, industry, as well as policies that support lunar exploration. This mapping allows us to identify gaps and synergies towards collectively achieving objectives that will unlock lunar exploration, 

LOA also captures the subjective, tacit information, characteristic of the space industry.  Later iterations of LOA will include more opportunities for user submissions and interactions. An overlay of “subjective information” will provide a lens not captured by traditional roadmaps – the attitudes and aspirations of the collective space industry.

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