NeverEnding Drawing Machine

Inspired by the Surrealists' Exquisite Corpse art game, the NeverEnding Drawing project is one of several applications developed on a scalable architecture and platform for collaborative creativity. Users co-create and edit each other's augmented sketchbooks in real time. By tracking individual pages of each live sketchbook, the system loads the appropriate background audiovisual content and enables users to add to it using a variety of real materials and means of mark-making. Users take pictures and record sounds to be sent back and forth between collaborators on the network. Additionally, the live sketchbooks facilitate non-linear, asynchronous access to the evolving, co-created content through their physical editing interface. By using crayons, colored pens, and various tactile and light-diffusing materials, the analog/digital hybrid model of content creation requires no expertise and creates a safe environment for sharing unfinished work with others.