NGO2.0 is a project grown out of the work of MIT's New Media Action Lab. The goal of NGO2.0 is to strengthen the digital and social media literacy of Chinese grassroots NGOs.  Learn more at

Project Staff: Jing Wang, Yu Wang, Su Han, and Huan Sun

Since 2009, the project has established collaborative relationships with IT corporations, universities, and city-based software developers' communities to advocate the development of a new brand of public interest sector that utilizes new media and nonprofit technology to build a better society. NGO2.0 addresses three major need categories of grassroots NGOs: communication, resources, and technology. Within each category, NGO2.0 developed and implemented online and offline projects. These include: Web 2.0 training workshops, Web 2.0 toolbox, a crowdsourced philanthropy map, news stories and videos for NGOs, crowd funding project design, NGO-CSR Partnership Forum, database of Chinese NGOs, and online survey of Chinese NGOs' Internet usage.

See the crowdsourced philanthropy map.