Each day we walk by silent buildings and lots. Absent landlords, hibernating developers, abandoned lots�their impact as part of the patchwork is subtle but real. Be they eyesore or brownfield, spaces are reactive. Unused spaces trap the vitality of the neighborhoods they surround. For the last 15 years, Vail Court has fallen into disrepair. The 24-unit housing complex is uninhabitable and unsafe as a structure. Conversation continues within the community, but how does the conversation flow back out�beyond city councilors to the decision-making owners? Postmarked asked neighbors and frequent passersby to fill postcards that were mailed directly to the property owners. These postcards captured the lived experience and hopes of those who share Vail Court in common. The postcards and process were documented online before being mailed�two cards per day�with an invitation for owners to respond to the community online.