PsychicVR: Increasing mindfulness by using Virtual Reality and Brain Computer Interfaces

Judith Amores


We present PsychicVR, a proof-of-concept system that integrates a brain-computer interface device and virtual reality headset to improve mindfulness while enjoying a playful immersive experience. The fantasy that any of us could have superhero powers has always inspired us, and by using virtual reality and real-time brain activity sensing we are moving one step closer to making this dream real. We non-invasively monitor and record the electrical activity of the brain and incorporate this data into the VR experience using an Oculus Rift and the MUSE headband. By sensing brain waves using a series of EEG sensors, the level of activity is fed back to the user via 3D content in the virtual environment. When users are focused, they are able to make changes in the 3D environment and control their powers. Our system increases mindfulness and helps achieve higher levels of concentration while entertaining the user.